Cydonia - lemon essence


Mucosal wash spray containing 1–2 % volume of NaCl or even more effective with 9% volume Cydonia oblonga fruct. glycerinum extract (APC 3.0) with citrus lemon fruit 2% volume in 1% NaCl solvent 4–5 times a day in mouth.

The cydonia - lemon spray preparation: from age 1-3 put 5 drops, from age 3-5 put 10 drops, from age up to 5 years put 15-20 drops of the essence to 5 ml of 1% NACL solvent. Keep in cool place maximum for 5 days.

Out of one bottle essence it is possible to make 30-60 portion of spray. Keep the essence in cool place (fridge) on 4-8 oC  

We recommend it in case of:

  • tonsil irritation
  • hypertrophy of the tonsils
  • mucous membrane irritation
  • thrush
  • aphthae
  • gingival inflammation


Price: 3700 Ft

For your order please contact us:  +36-20-4729459

The essence is available at the following stores:

Natúr Verzió Biobolt,1026 Budapest, Pasaréti út 100. 

Pasarét Gyógyszertár, 1026 Budapest, Pasaréti út 100.

Biobolt Solymár, 2083 Solymár, Terstyánszky Ödön u. 37. 

Solymár Gyógyszertár, 2083 Solymár, Rákóczi u. 2.

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